Astoria Conservatory Of Music

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Mission & Vision

The Conservatory Mission Plan

In order to achieve our vision, the Astoria Conservatory of Music commits to the following:

The Conservatory is to provide innovative, practical and professional instruction in instrumental and vocal music study. We believe our first responsibility is to the individual student. We are committed to providing the best qualified and most experienced music instruction to inspire our future musical artists.

In carrying out our day to day business we strive to:

1. Follow the philosophy that the students' positive experience and personal growth at the Astoria Conservatory of Music is of the highest priority.
2. Treat our instructors with the respect and dignity necessary for them to inspire future musicians.
3. Achieve and maintain a level of excellence that defines the Astoria Conservatory of Music as the premier institute for musical instruction on the North Coast.

The Conservatory Vision

For more information about the Astoria Conservatory of Music and to schedule lessons please contact:

Lisa Nelson, Director

503 - 325 - 3237

News & Updates

Welcome our new Violin Teacher!

Judy Anderson is our new violin teacher at The Conservatory.



New KinderMusik Classes!

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