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Piano Studies

Objectives and Policies for Piano Studies

Music lessons should enable students to grow, explore, experiment, expand and refine their musical abilities. However, progress in anything is directly related to motivation and practice, practice, practice!

The following guidelines are suggested as a program for advancement in Piano studies:

Beginning piano: 20–30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
Intermediate: 30–40 minutes a day, 5–6 days a week
Advanced: at least 60 minutes a day, 6–7 days a week

Always try to use perfect form and techniques on piano exercises. Remember that good practice habits build good technique.

Lesson Policies

Students must bring the following items to lessons every time:

Piano Books
Completed practice log
Practice plans from previous week
Sheet music (if applicable)

Paul Brady • Piano Studies Instructor

For more information about the Astoria Conservatory of Music and to schedule lessons please contact:

Lisa Nelson, Director

503 - 325 - 3237

News & Updates

Welcome our new Violin Teacher!

Judy Anderson is our new violin teacher at The Conservatory.



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