Dance Class Descriptions and Pricing

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Junior Children’s Choir-ages 5-7, length 30 min
Students will explore the basics of singing technique, while learning to sing in an ensemble.  Children will be introduced to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and sight singing in a fun  and nurturing environment.  

Creative Movement- ages 3-5, length 30 min
Celebrating a young child’s creativity and joy, this class is focused on movement through music while interpreting the world around them. Children will be introduced to a broad range of movements as well as establishing a base for beginning ballet concepts. Watch your child transform into butterflies and monkeys all while absorbing the benefits of classical music. 

Pre-Ballet Friday 330-4pm ages 5-7
Our Pre-Ballet class is a cross between creative movement and Ballet I. Students are introduced to basic french terminology and techniques, ballet class etiquette, developing self-discipline and focus. Musicality and creativity are still very important elements in this class.  

Modern- ages 8+, 1x/week 60 min class
A distinct contrast to Ballet, Modern allows a freedom of movement which Ballet does not. This class will introduce different modern techniques and movement, and allow the dancers to experiment with their bodies and interact with each other. This class is a study of possibilities and creativity. 

Children’s Choir-ages 8+, 1x/week 45 min class

(to be taken with Musical Theater class)

This class focuses on singing in an ensemble in unison and in harmony.  Students will explore various musical theater selections, while learning the basics of sight reading, scale structure, chord progressions, singing technique and artistry.  Students of all musical levels are encouraged to grow in a creative and fun atmosphere.

Musical Theater- ages 8+, 1x/week   45 min class

(Children’s Choir class is included in pricing)

A true musical theater class! This class will be divided into two sections. The first half of class is practicing with a pianist and a set of songs, and the second half is focused on applying movements to the song. Different levels of dance experience is okay! This class is about fun and recreating your favorite musical!! 

Boys Ballet & Movement Class- 7+, 1x/week, 60 min class
This class will focus on introducing a strong Ballet technique to boys, specifically in how a masculine dancer differs from a feminine dancer. There will be a focus on stronger turns and jumps, as well as beginner partnering skills. (Great class to take alongside one of the other Ballet classes)

Ballet I – ages 6-8, 1x/week, 45 min class
This class serves as a bridge between creative movement and moves into a beginner ballet class. Barre work will be introduced focusing on alignment and technique with two hands on the barre, as well as center work. Although this class is the first real introduction to Ballet, we still focus on creativity of movement as well as musicality. 

Ballet II- ages 8-10, 2x week, 1.5 hr class
Ballet II is focused on developing beginning technique, strength, theory, and vocabulary. Introduction to kinesiology is also established through movement. Performance opportunities are available to help develop stage presence and artistry. Mastery of basic concepts is required to pass into the next level.

Ballet III- ages 9-12, 3x/week, 1.5 hr class
Coordination of movement is enhanced in this class, as well as strength and musicality. Muscle development is especially important for this class because mid year students will be introduced to pointe provided they pass physical requirements and at the teachers discretion. Students are expected to arrive early so they can stretch and warm up.

Adult Beginner Ballet- 1x week, 1hr class
Adult Ballet is focused on developing beginning technique, strength, theory, and vocabulary. Introduction to kinesiology is also established through movement. Great class for a new Ballet student!

Ballet IV/V (by audition only) 
4.5-5.5 hours/week 1.5 hour class

Ballet IV- $240/month
Ballet V- $300/month (includes modern class)
These classes have a serious focus on developing artistry and technique. Classical repertoire will be introduced to dancers as well as contemporary ballet movements. Most classes will be on pointe and multiple performance opportunities will be offered. Students are expected to arrive early and warm-up. Live music accompaniment for some classes. Ballet V students will be expected to purchase a personal tutu for regular use. 

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