Dance Classwear and Class Etiquette


Please click here to purchase the suggested classwear at discount dancewear. This link shows a suggested attire for girls and boys. You may need to order 1-3 leotards, depending on how much laundry you enjoy doing. Feel free to go to a store as well, but please take a look at the suggestions first so you know what to get. 


All dancers are expected to have hair in a bun or off the face, tights (close to skin color), black leotard (cap sleeve or long sleeve), and ballet slippers (close to skin color). Our suggestions can be found in the link above. 

There is also a belt required that helps students with a visual alignment of their hips. Each ballet level listed below has their own color:

Ballet I- light pink

Ballet II- Hot pink

Ballet III- Turquoise

Ballet IV/V- White


Dancers are expected to have a white t-shirt (tighter fitting), black tights, white socks (thin), black ballet slippers. Hair pulled back, if it is in the face. 


Please choose what is most comfortable for you of the two choices above! Dance has always established boundaries between she/he, but we are always willing to expand our knowledge and blur those boundaries. Please feel free to have an open discussion with us about what your dancer would be most comfortable in. 

Class Etiquette

An atmosphere of respect and appreciation is very important to maintain a positive environment. Part of class etiquette is applying the following rules:

  • Please arrive 5- 10 mins early for class. Students are expected to be ready for class or have arrived with enough time to get ready. Get ready first, then you may socialize with friends until your class begins. 
  • Although we love your children, we are not a daycare. Please pick up your child on time from class. Parents are responsible for checking your child in and out of the studio. 
  • Children are expected to be responsible for their own bags! It is not your mom or dad’s fault if you don’t have your leotard. Pack your bag for class the night before. 
  • Do not touch the mirrors, Do not hang on the barres.
  • No talking in class, unless the teacher has started a discussion. 
  • Be respectful to other dancers. 
  • Save the drama for your mama! If at any time someone is being disruptive in class they will be warned, and if persisting the behavior will be asked to leave the class. 
  • If anybody receives a minor injury in class, they will be asked to sit down and watch the rest of class. 
  • If your child feels sick and is showing any symptoms please keep them at home. 
  • Please be consistent! Choreography is learned in class and if a dancer misses too many classes they could lose out on a potential role, or get lost in the choreography
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